Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reading Response on Catching Fire

The title of the book "Catching fire",brings you to a fast hypothesis about the story. I think that is why the author had named the book that, to give the reader a sense of what might happen, but you would never know until you actually read the story, and that is the mystery behind the titles of books, that they give the reader an big idea of something, but it may not be like that at all.. Now in this book the title of the book, "Catching Fire" is significant to the text because it may show some hope that thins will not catch on fire, but thinking what will catch on fire, which in this case are districts, but if you look deeper into the book, you really notice that the real thing that is catching on fire, is the government, but what is actually burning is everyone´s homes, and loved ones, because the government does not know what to do and it was their fault.. The title catching fire shows that the fire had just started and there is a way to stop it. Now if the government had already dropped, it might have been called Caught fire.And that is how the title Catching Fire really actually shows hope. i think the author did a really well job on capturing the emotions and feelings of the story, and how he still leaves hope, even when there might not be a lot left. This story actually does relate to real life, because it shows that the government is overruling their citizens, and not giving them enough freedom than they should have, and that relates to real life because there are governments that are doing that in real life, and overruling their own people for their own good, and its sort of like their are mind controlling them.

        So Katniss, and Peeta go around all the districts to honor those who died in the games, but it all went wrong when chaos had went down, and fires spread. But they do nothing, they could not do anything, they were dragged out.. When the people had needed them the most, they really couldnt do much. Throughout the book, they want to set the districts free from their own little handcuffs surrounding them.

      I think i can relate to katniss a little bit, because i have sometimes wanted to burst out and help people, but i felt that there were some things holding me back, preventing me from grabbing them and helping him out of the cage. That is what i like about Katniss, her eagerness to help people, but at the same time, to hurt people who try to block the way. And their society is much different than ours because their society is much more cruel than ours.Their culture is like more poorer than our culture, where ours is much more complex, and theirs is a little messy.

        The narrator in this book is in 3rd person, and i think that the author had chosen to write this way, to give a point of view in all the characters, not just one in all, where that may not be as exciting. Something that is really wrong in this text is that these people from another society do not have everything we have to run a smooth society with no harm done. But it really is tough to think that there are governments like this in the world that do this. just like in North Korea where Kim Jong Il died, and the government threatened people to cry over his death.

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